Concussions in High School Sports

Personal Experiences

   Hi, my name is Charles Ong and I'm from Farrington High School.  I first started playing football at the start of Freshman year and it truly showed to be one of the sports that I am most fitted for.  I really enjoy playing football, it has become a deep passion to me and really gives me something fun to do when there are days where I have nothing to do at all.  I attended high school in Las Vegas at Las Vegas High School, home of the Wildcats.  I started for my team as I played Linebacker and Strong Safety for my high school football team.  Making the team on this elite school was really a blessing.  Never ever had I thought I could't do something that involved my fortes in football. I soon got recruited in to a high school in Las Vegas known for winning consecutive championships.  The school name? The Home of The Gaels, Bishop Gorman Catholic High School.

I suffered from three concussions throughout my whole football career, each of these being very close to each other in correlation to date.  Concussions were not a pleasent thing I can assure you.  The symptoms that I had to experience from a post concussion syndrome was one of the worst pains that I had to deal with.  I was in denial when I was diagnosed with a concussion.  I always tried to hide my symptoms just so that I could play.  During the healing process of my second concussion, I played my fourth game of the season against our rival school, my old school, Las Vegas High School.  They had a very big running back, someone known for his hard contact.  During the second quarter of the game, they handed the ball off to him, everyone was blocked except for me.  I had to make this tackle, but before that, I knew I wanted to get lower than him.  Right before the tackle, my cleat stuck in to the grass, cutting off my balance and I ended up flying 5 feet away from where I was and soon as you know it, I woke up on the sidelines wanting Ice Cream.

I really wanted to show that I could play with an injury, but this time, it wasn't worth it.  Nowadays, I have frequent headaches and still tend to get nausea every now and then.  This really cut it for me.  My team really needed me and I could't believe that one game costed me the whole season.  Everyday I sit back and wonder why I let my ego get in the way.  Concussions hurt, they affect my life as well as everyone's around me as well.  Prevent concussions and spread the awareness.