Concussions in High School Sports
Hey people,

If you have read my website, please leave some comments and suggestions of what you think about it.  I would really appreciate it if you can tell other people about this website.  I really want to spread the awareness of concussions to athletes in high school.  If you have a friend that plays sports or if you play sports yourself, this should be very informative to both you and your friend.

Thank you so much for your support.
3/9/2011 15:23:55

I like how you included a lot of information. I actually learned something from it. Your presentation section was awesome. :) Good job :D

3/9/2011 15:25:20

I think its great that someone is actually raising awareness on something that not a lot of people have payed attention too . (:

3/9/2011 15:32:17

Something like this is extremely common in sports and in turn really deserves an awareness group for it. I agree sounds like something worth raising.

Jonathan carnate fortez
3/9/2011 15:34:19

I think you did a great job on creating this website and talking about concussions you really did bring a good point on how it will affect peoples life.

3/9/2011 15:39:40

I like that it's so informative!!! But for me, the font is too big (that's just me though). I think you should have a picture that corresponds with the information so that people who can't understand will have a clue. Overall, job well done!

Kristel Joy
3/9/2011 15:42:24

I didn't know much about concussions until I read this page. This has opened my eyes to the symptoms and treatment one would expect if a concussion has been identified.
Great job at being an effective user of technology in spreading the awareness of concussions in high school sports

3/9/2011 15:56:47

This website has been very helpful. I play sports and it helped me understand the dangers of a concussion. The site was very detailed and creative. Great job. (:

Dr. De La Cruz
3/10/2011 02:51:11

Very informative Charles. I really liked what this has becomed. Keep up the good work and great job.

Von U
3/10/2011 04:03:33

This website Is very well done.
It's easy to understand and very informative.

Many people are not aware of the truth behind concussion. It is also sad that they can barely spell it right. This website gives you quick facts and will definitely raise the awarenes on concussion.

Great job, Charles!

3/10/2011 06:14:30

WOW! Very impressive. The most interesting product I've so far. Great job. I actually learned a lot. I hope to see more informations in the future. :)

4/24/2012 13:15:11

Thanks for information

5/31/2012 20:46:01

Great info, thanks


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    Hello everyone, my name is Charles Ong and I'm a student of Farrington High School.  I made this website to raise the awareness of concussions and help everyone that's concerned about this mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).  Please leave your comments and suggestions to support my site. I appreciate it. Thank you!


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